Craig’s Grande Jalapeno

Species: Capsicum Annuum
Flavor: Thick, flavorful, hot flesh
Scoville Heat Units: 2500
Origin: Mexico
Pod size: Up to 4-inches long
Main Uses: Frying/grilling, pickling, salsa’s, stuffing



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Casa Verde Note: Our favorite jalapeno! If you’re looking for a very spicy jalapeno, look elsewhere. This one is a jumbo version with mild heat. Perfect for poppers. Good producer and fruits are large and in charge.

Do you love the kick of jalapeno peppers? Check out our large, 3–4-inch long fruits that weigh in at a hefty three ounces with thick flesh. Perfect for stuffing, pickling, or roasting, these beauties will mature from green to red when they are at their spiciest! Even better: short and stocky plants feature loads of lengthy fruits all through mid-summer until frost—up to 2500–3000 on the Scoville scale heat rating!