Peppery Spice Mix

The Fresh Pepper blend is a combination of the following Microgreens.

Rocket Arugula  –  Ruby Streaks Mustard  –  Red Radish  –  Curly Cress



The Peppery Spice Mix is a combination of arugula, mustard, red radish, and curly cress microgreens.

Arugula provides a major and subtle punch of nutty pepperiness, acting as the black pepper in this recipe. Mustard gives a sweet, hot mustard flavor that is zestier than regular mustard greens. Radish is a peppery type of horseradish taste, which gives this mix all the angles of a peppery spice mix. The curly cress has a mellow pepper taste but a ton of flavor, which provides a different leafy type of texture.


Latin Name: Tropaeolum majus
Other Name(s): Capuchina, Indian Cress
Microgreen Color: light pink to yellow stems, dark green leaves
Microgreen Flavor: spicy, similar to mustard and wasabi
Microgreen Texture: succulent
Nutrients: Vitamins A, B, and C, calcium, potassium, antioxidants, fiber, and copper