Komatsuna Mustard

Komatsuna is quite popular for being nutritionally rich in Vitamins A, B2, C, K and beta-carotene. Komatsuna microgreens are also highly revered for their cancer-fighting properties. The young microgreen leaves of Komatsuna mildly sweet and mustard flavour.

Latin Name: Brassica rapa var. perviridis
Other Name(s): Mustard spinach, Japanese mustard spinach and Tender greens.
Microgreen Color: White Stem, Speckled random purple leaf mixed with green leaf foliage.
Microgreen Flavor: Milder than regular mustard greens
Microgreen Texture: Crisp, delicate
Nutrients: Vitamins A, B2, C, K and beta-carotene


Mustard-Spinach or Komatsuna. Milder than regular mustard greens, this variety has thick, smooth leaves on upright, thin white stems. This microgreen is ideal for those who love mustard flavor but have issues with spice. It is a lovely shade of green.

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