Fushimi Japanese Pepper

Species: Capsicum Annuum
Flavor: Crunchy
Scoville Heat Units: 0
Origin: Japan
Pod size: Up to 7-inches long
Main Uses: Frying/grilling, pickling, drying, stuffing, fresh



Casa Verde Note: This pepper is classified as sweet but is not sweet at all. Great Stir Fry Pepper for Asian wok cooking. This plant is a small to medium-sized but heavy producer. If you are the type to whip out a wok on a regular occasion, then this is a must-grow variety. You will get amazing results with this one. No heat but a lot of meat on this pepper. 

This traditional Japanese pepper is delicious when eaten right off the plant! It has a crispier skin and texture than its partner, the Shishito pepper. The thin walls and bright green color make it very popular and widely used in Asian cooking, especially tempura. Usually the green ones are picked and used, but you can also let them ripen to a nicer red.

Fushimi peppers can be harvested earlier than most other peppers and are very productive throughout the season, so you can harvest them all summer long. You can cook them in a hot pan with a little sesame oil and salt, they are also good grilled or marinated!

Fushimi pepper plants produce a heavy crop of 6 inch narrow pods. Plants are 2″ tall and suitable for container gardens. Easy to grow in full sun and fertile soil. Capsicum annuum (80 days) Heirloom – Open Pollinated
Heat level: None