Jimmy Nardello Italian Mild Pepper

Species: Capsicum Annuum
Flavor: Sweet, Fruity
Scoville Heat Units: 0
Origin: Italy
Pod size: Up to 10-inches long
Main Uses: Frying/grilling, pickling, drying, eating fresh



Casa Verde Note: This is a great pepper to have in the garden, especially if you love roasting or frying peppers. This is a thick-walled, slim pepper that is very sweet and flavorful. It has a good bite when eaten fresh and can caramelize beautifully if fried or roasted. Plants grow to 2 feet tall and produce very well. A Must grow!

Jimmy Nardello peppers are a sweet, fruity variety of Capsicum annuum that originated in Italy. They have zero Scoville heat units, making them perfect for inexperienced pepper eaters. These plants grow 20–24 inches tall and produce pods up to 10 inches long. The peppers are ready to harvest 80–90 days after transplanting. They can be used for frying or grilling, pickling, drying, or eating fresh.