Colombian Aji Orange Pepper

Species: Capsicum Baccatum
Flavor: Crunchy,  Very Sweet, Hot
Scoville Heat Units: 20k
Origin: Columbia
Pod size: Up to 5-inches long
Main Uses: Frying/grilling, pickling, drying, stuffing, fresh



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The Colombian aji orange pepper is a unique culinary treat with a taste that tantalizes and a texture that surprises. Bite into it, and experience sweet-heat perfection laced with citrusy undertones. Just one taste unleashes an explosion of flavor in your mouth! The high levels of vitamin C found in this pepper create a resilient outer wall, making it ideal for cooking, grilling, and sautéing. Try them today to add zest and zing to your taste buds!

Colombian Aji Orange Pepper Seeds

Embark on a journey of flavor with our Colombian Aji Orange Pepper seeds, celebrated for their vibrant hue and a tantalizing balance of citrusy sweetness and moderate heat. Cultivate these seeds and infuse your dishes with the zestful essence of this unique pepper.

Flavor Profile: The Colombian Aji Orange Pepper offers a delightful fusion of citrusy brightness with a moderate, pleasant heat. Its distinct taste, reminiscent of tangy oranges coupled with a gentle spiciness, adds a refreshing zest to culinary creations.

Growth and Harvest: Thriving in warmer climates, these peppers mature into brilliant shades of orange, signifying their readiness for harvest. With a medium size and a radiant orange hue, these peppers not only enliven your garden but also add a burst of color and flavor to your dishes.

Versatile Culinary Use: The Colombian Aji Orange Pepper’s citrusy undertones and moderate heat make it a versatile addition to various dishes. Whether used in salsas, marinades, or as a zesty seasoning, these peppers impart a unique flavor that enhances the vibrancy of your recipes.

Why Choose Our Seeds: We take pride in sourcing premium, non-GMO seeds, ensuring a successful yield of these sought-after peppers. Our carefully selected seeds promise authenticity and quality, empowering gardening enthusiasts to cultivate these exceptional peppers with ease.

Growing Tips: Plant the seeds in well-draining soil in a sunny location, providing warmth for optimal growth. Consistent watering and care will yield a flavorful harvest of these vibrant orange peppers, ready to infuse your dishes with their zesty goodness.

Elevate your culinary creations with the Colombian Aji Orange Pepper. Cultivate these peppers and embrace the invigorating citrusy sweetness and moderate heat that define this unique variety.