Chef Mix

The Chef Mix blend is a combination of the following Microgreens varieties.

Swiss Chard  –  Collard  –  Mustard –  Red Cabbage



Introducing our culinary marvel, the New Chef Mix—a symphony of vibrant flavors and colors crafted specifically to ignite your culinary creativity! This mix is not just an assortment; it’s a palette of nature’s finest microgreens, carefully curated to tantalize your taste buds and transform every dish into a culinary masterpiece.

Picture this: the sunny zest of Yellow and Red Swiss Chard, the robust kick of Collard, the spicy tang of Mustard, and the rich hue of Red Cabbage—all dancing together in perfect harmony. This mix isn’t just about taste; it’s about turning your kitchen into a playground of flavors and textures.

Dive into a world where every bite is an adventure, where salads become vibrant canvases, and sandwiches are elevated to gourmet status. The New Chef Mix isn’t just for chefs; it’s for the culinary explorer in you, ready to embark on a journey of taste and innovation.

Packed with an abundance of nutrients, these microgreens aren’t just pretty faces on your plate; they’re nutritional powerhouses, enhancing both the health and vibrancy of your meals.

Unleash your inner chef, elevate your dishes, and let this blend of microgreens be your secret ingredient for culinary wizardry. With the New Chef Mix, the only limit is your imagination.”

Feel free to tweak this to match your brand’s tone or highlight any specific features of your microgreen mix.